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Extremely concentrated disinfectant with a synergistic composition of 4 active ingredients. VIROCID is amazingly effective at very low dilutions (0.5 - 1%) against ALL micro-organisms; bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. Hospital grade according to the EPA registration in the USA. VIROCID has a long residual action and can be applied in a versatile way (spraying, (hot) fogging,foaming) on surfaces, foot dips, vehicles and equipment. Tested and registered worldwide (EN, AFNOR, DEFRA, DVG, EPA). Listed by the United Nations’ FAO against Avian Influenza H5N1. INFO SHEET


For all disinfection
Amazingly effective at very low dilutions (1:400) against ALL micro-organisms; bacteria, viruses, fungi and spires. INTERCID can be applied in a versatile way (spraying, fogging, foaming) on surfaces, foot dips, vehicles and equipment. Tested and registered worldwide (DIN/EN, AFNOR, DEFRA, DVG, EPA,...). INFO SHEET


Ultra Broad Spectrum Terminal Disinfectant
Phenol based disinfectant complying with the EU. Coccidiosis wash approved against all kinds of dirt including spores of parasites, such as coccidiosis. Ascariasis and Cryptosporidiosis. Also approved against Salmonella and kills Red Mite. INFO SHEET


Disinfectant powder which contains a DEFRA approved disinfectant which is effective against foot and mouth and avian flu disease. Ultra Dri is suitable for all livestock flooring before adding the bedding. Ideal around drinkers and feeders. It kills pathogens and absorb moisture within minutes and keeps working for weeks. It also keeps ammonia smell down keeping a better environment for the birds. INFO SHEET



For all animal housing & vehicles
Cling 2 has an extreme adhering power, increasing the contact time needed for the chemical action, resulting in an excellent cleaning. Moreover, you will save on water, energy and labour. An efficient cleaning will remove high % of the micro-organisms. Cling 2 can be easily applied with all foam lances and spraying equipment. INFO SHEET



Fortefog fumers are the ready to use strong fumer alternative against a wide range of flying and crawling insects offering safe and easy control of insect pests in domestic premises, shipping containers, animal houses etc.

  • No additional equipment nor chemicals required
  • Leaves no visible deposits
  • Contains 13.25% permethrin
  • No mixing nor complicated calculations
  • Modern clean technology, convenient and easy to use
  • Completely self-contained, light the fuse and walk away?

Available in 4 sizes to treat areas of:
Mini 120m3
Midi 400 m3
Maxi 1000m3
Jumbo 4000m3


Water Sanitiser


CidClean is an in feed and terminal water sanitiser. Highly effective at removing organic deposits such as biofilm, bacte-ria/algae/fungi. Cid Clean can be used inflock at 1:10,000-7,000 And terminal clean 1:100. INFO SHEET


CID 2000

Cid2000 is a water sanitizer designed to remove biofilm, algae and Limescale. Cid2000 is designed to remove and clean all drinking systems and drinkers. Use between 1-2% to get the best results. INFO SHEET


Hand Soap


Hand degreaser
Intersoft W is a hand soap which removes oils, grease and tar without the help of solvents or abrasives. With this it helps with the less wear to the skin and better for everyday use. INFO SHEET


Hand cleaner and sanitizer and kills bacteria
Intersoft DK’s gentle cleaning action minimize skin problems associated with some hand hygiene products. Very effective against Lipophilic viruses including avian flu. INFO SHEET


Waterless hand sanitiser
Kills bacteria and dermatophytes including ringworm and thrush. Decontaminating which contains a hint of Lemon fragrance. INFO SHEET


RTU antibacterial wipes
Disinfectant wipes. Contains Propan-1-ol, 2, Bi-phenyl-2-ol, and can be used for surface disinfection as well as personal hygiene. Certified for the agricultural, medical, veterinary practices and food processing industry. INFO SHEET

Foot Check

Footcheck is a new and innovative product which:

  • Is extremely simple to use.
  • Raises the standard of footwear disinfection by ensuring the correct concentration is used.
  • Enhances best practice in bio-security, aids compliance and helps audit disinfection use.
  • Delivers value for money by optimising concentrated disinfectant use and cutting waste.
  • Is hard wearing and durable in use, while simple to clean.
  • Is convenient, portable and easy to handle.



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