Gamestay Tonic

Vitamins, Trace Elements, Amino Acids Fatty Acids, Electrolytes, Nucleotides. 
Available in 500ml, 1ltr and 5ltr.

Gamestay Extra

Gamestay Tonic + Aniseed. 
Available in 1ltr and 5ltr.

Gamestay Tonic & Extra

Gamestay is a combination liquid multi-vitamin and trace element product which has been developed for all types of game, poultry and turkey production and is suitable for use in all poultry and game drinker systems.

The Liquid supplement is formulated to support health and growth within flocks and to maintain correct physiological systems. This is also suitable during times of stress as well as for routine use. Gamestay Extra is uniquely formulated with Aniseed to help with feed conversion and help young chicks and poults/pullets get off to a good start.

Gamestay Egg and Bone

A liquid calcium & D3 supplement to support egg production & egg shell quality which will help stop cracked eggs, along with supporting correct bone strength in all poultry and game production. Available in 5ltr.

Gamestay liquid

Developed and tested on a Dorset shoot to hold birds in specific covers and areas. Ready to use in a non-sticky, non-messy highly refined oil, it contains spices specifically identified to entice game birds and wildfowl. Easy to apply and will not inhibit flow through automatic feeders or spinners.

1 litre of Gamestay per tonne of product

Gamestay 50 / 50 Concentrate Mix 

Gamestay 50 /50 has been designed as a holding mixture with minimal wheat inclusion. It contains a blend of superior quality seeds, selected for their nutritional and palatability qualities. Designed as a valuable source of energy as well as being attractive to game birds.

Gamestay 50 / 50 allows the keeper to add wheat to his own requirements and it offers complete flexibility to suit all situations. It offers excellent value, the keeper is in control over how much "cheaper" filler is included. Gamestay 50 / 50 will be available with the unique GAMESTAY blend of spices included.

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